Insto Lady Care

it is useful in Uneven mensuration, Lukorrhoea, Backache, Genito-Urinary Track Infection, Dark circles, Dull Luster, low vitality & libido, unbalanced figure, unexplained infertility. and as a general female tonic.

Helps in providing relief from Gynecological disorders like –

o Leukorrhea
o Hemorrhage
o Discharge
o Irregular Menstruation
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Insto Protein Powder & Herbs – 200g

A tri-blend of high quality complete plant based – Soy, Wheat and Pea Protein. Protein powder and herbs for healthy muscles and skin. Beneficial for the entire family.
    - Build Muscles strength
    - Helps in keeping hair, skin and nails healthy
    - Sustains energy levelProtein powder and herbs for healthy muscles and skin
    - Supports growth and repair of cells
    - Supports Immune system
    - Supports growth development of children

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