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Insto Migraine & Headache Roll On

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Insto Migrain and Headache Roll On contains powerful essential oils that contribute to a calming aroma to relieve headache and migraine. It is a therapeutic grade essential oil in a base of Jojoba Oil. In addition to this, it is portable, light and ready to use roll on.

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Key Benefits

The Ingredients present contribute to a calming aroma to relieve headacha and migraine.

It is light, portable, and ready to use roll on.

Lavender essential oil is useful for stress relief and relaxation.

Cajuput Tree Oil facilitates relief in headaches.

Direction for Use

Roll on generously on the forehead and temples.

How does it work?

Our roll on work via two routes. Upon application, their healing components are absorbed into the bloodstream through the pores and hair follices and when when inhaled the odor molecules to the brain via olfactory nerves and impact the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain, prompting release of neurochemicals which can be relaxing, stimulating and sedative etc.

Quick Tips

Tip #1

After Applying the roll on, take a 2 minute break. Close your eyes and avoid any screens.

Tip #2

Massage the forehead with your hands and before applying. This allow better pain relief.


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